Watch What You Spend

Take charge of your business expenses with Grof. Track every dollar's journey and ensure timely collection and payment from your clients.
effortless expense management
Effortless Expense Management
Say goodbye to time-wasting systems! Grof empowers you with control, simplifies cash flow, and streamlines multi-user spending.
Our Solution for Managing Expenses with No Hassle
bill dashboard
approved transaction
Real time visibility on spending
View all expenses in real-time and easily explore details of each transaction
Submitting expenses
Effortless expense submission! Snap invoice pictures and our system auto-fills your bill information
Chat boxes with vendors
Streamline bill management and payments! Access and pay bills directly from the app, saving time!
Enhanced Risk And Compliance Control
Customise approval process, ensure employees spend within budget and where it's intended.
Some excellent features for you
Close your books 2x faster with Grof. Experience accelerated financial workflows and unlock efficiency like never before.
Bill Upload
No more manual entry, digitise all your expenses with just one click!
Bill Payment
Stop switching between multiple apps! Easily pay clients from one place.
Corporate Cards
Speed up reimbursements with virtual cards for authorised users.
Reconcile Easily
Conveniently extract detailed bill information for accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover the answers to your most pressing inquiries right here.

What is expense management?


Expense management involves the processing of expense reports, approvals, and employee reimbursements through a structured system. Keeping track of your expenses is essential for businesses, even though the process can often be complex and convoluted. However, with our app Grof you can upload your bills, make payments through our business account, and keep tabs on your business expenditures. It is as simple as ABC!

How can expense management help me?


Our expense management app empowers you to track your business spending and optimise your cash flow. It provides timely reminders for online payments, helps you build a strong credit profile, and stores necessary information for your accounting needs.

How do I know if my bills are paid?


The Grof app automatically marks bills as paid through the business account. For bills you are paying on behalf of the business, you can mark them as such to track the amounts paid in advance. Additionally, the app will alert you about duplicate bill uploads before processing payments, ensuring efficient management of funds for your company operations.

Is Grof's business account considered a bank account?


Grof is not a bank, but we have collaborated with a MAS-regulated provider to create a comprehensive one-app solution. As a business owner, you can access a digital business account, make payments, and invoice customers all within a single platform.

How can I access the Grof app?


The app is accessible via both website and mobile devices. In fact, both iOS and Android versions are now available for download!

Are my funds safe with Grof?


Most definitely. Your funds will be held in MAS-regulated banks in Singapore, and neither Grof nor our payment service provider will have access to your funds.

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