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SSIC codes are crucial in classifying business activities and monitoring industries driving the economy. Planning to start a business in Singapore? Use our free tool to find your perfect match!
Common SSIC Codes
Widely used by a multitude of businesses in Singapore, these SSIC Codes are the go-to choices for industry classification.
Why are SSIC codes important?
Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code indicates to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) what business activities your company undertakes.
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Who needs SSIC Code?
Legally, your business has to be registered for an SSIC code in compliance with ACRA. This ensures that your business is properly classified and can be tracked per industry.
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Frequently Asked Question

Uncover the answers to your most pressing inquiries right here.

What does SSIC mean?


The Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) is a four-digit number that tells local authorities what a Singapore company’s primary source of revenue is. It is used by the Singapore government to analyse economic activity. Singapore uses the SSIC for its population, household, and industry censuses. Companies are required to register for the SSIC code, which is based on the internationally recognized standard for classification of all economic activities (ISIC). The SSIC code is purely administrative, and the registering company is not liable for additional reporting or tax. Data are collected by Singapore government bodies under the SSIC code for taxonomy purposes, such as compiling, presenting, and analysing current economic structures.

How many SSIC codes can a company have?

There is a limit of two SSIC codes for a company. Companies with multiple activities/revenue streams may find it difficult to list on Bizfile, as ACRA allows only two business activities per company. In this case, the two activities having maximum revenue shall be listed with ACRA. Whenever you register a new company, ACRA will review your registration documents. To ensure that information is accurate and complete, some documents are sent to other government agencies. You may have to submit additional documentation to be approved for your business registration if you register for the wrong SSIC code.

How do I change an SSIC code?

Just as your business is not static, so is the SSIC code list. Changes in the codes may mean that your company’s SSIC code is no longer valid. Meanwhile, your company may have changed its primary activity over time, and your SSIC is no longer relevant. If you are a director, it is your responsibility to keep it accurate. A wrong SSIC code may prevent you from getting the relevant permits or licenses unless you apply for the correct one. You may not be able to access government incentives targeted at specific business sectors. It is possible that the directors provided inaccurate public data. These codes can easily be checked online, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong one. To determine the correct category, seek professional advice if in doubt. A change of the SSIC code, whether due to the change introduced by the Department of Statistics or whether it is due to an actual change of principal activities driven by operational or economic needs, must be approved by the directors via formal directors’ resolutions. After submitting the SSIC code, it cannot be changed. In this case, you must withdraw the application and resubmit a new application with the correct SSIC code.

How to find a full SSIC codes list?

The most recent version of the full SSIC Codes list can be found on the Department of Statistics' Singapore official website. In population, household and establishment surveys, census data and administrative databases, Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) is used for the classification of economic activities performed by economic units. This system is based on the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC). The standards are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect significant changes in the structure of the Singapore economy and the emergence of new activities as well as to align with changes in international standards.

What Things Should I Know When Choosing SSIC?

To incorporate your company, you will be asked to pick and submit an SSIC code — a number that identifies your future business entity as a restaurant or a wedding agency or a coffin maker. In other words, these codes indicate what your company does and in what field. To pursue adequate policies, Singapore needs to know what businesses are present in the country. A system of SSIC codes simplifies communication between the companies and the authorities. With the help of SSIC codes, the state collects the aggregated data, analyzes it and identifies trends. SSIC codes also help to determine whether a company needs a license or not.

What are the SSIC code limits for Singapore companies?

A company may have a maximum of two SSIC codes. As ACRA only allows two business activities per company, companies with multiple activities/revenue streams may have difficulty listing on Bizfile. In this case, choose the two activities with the most revenue. ACRA will review your registration documents when you register a new company. Some documents are sent to other government agencies to ensure that the information is accurate and complete. If you register for the wrong SSIC code, you may need to submit additional documentation before your business registration is approved. Do check to ensure that there will be no delays on your incorporation.

How do I find my SSIC code?

If you are a new company, then registering with the correct SSIC code is essential. To find out the correct SSIC code for the new company, you need to head over to the official Government site Bizfile here: Type words that describe your business activities in the search bar. Use the most common keywords for your industry. You can also try variations till the system pulls up a category that seems closest to your work. The site will show SSIC categories. You can select the one that is closest to your business activities. If you can't find anything relevant, then we recommend checking this detailed list.
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